February 28, 2014

Blogging 101

There is an online market full of job opportunities that is growing rapidly. What still is the duty of a PR or Advertising Manager, Social Media Management is growing into its own line of work. Ultimately their job is to further promote the brand online. In this space of hashtags on Twitter, Instagram photo filters and repins on Pinterest, a blog is the connecting platform that is bringing everything full circle. Personally, blogging in my mind did not go beyond personal use. I had this misconception that a "blog" was just a place where you could express your thoughts (no matter what they may be), and yet now we are seeing blogging as another task to uphold in the office. 

So what exactly do one of these blogs look like? Take BLDG 25 for example (DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU BECOME CRAZILY OBSESSED WITH THIS BLOG). This Free People blog promotes their brand through social media while also combining different elements of lifestyle, love, food, DIY, music etc. that all equally represent the company. Each post can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ with the click of a button. 

A blog is a way to connect the brand with its customers- as a true Free People fanatic I want to know what they think about style, food, beauty and decor. "A weblog has the ability to transform both writers and readers from "audience" to "public" and from "consumer" to "creator."" Don't mistake blogging solely for personal use, because this growing platform could be the path that leads to your future career. Don't believe me? 

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