March 4, 2014

Let's Communicate

How we communicate online has become diversely unique compared to the daily interactions we engage in offline. No longer is the primary source of communication done face to face, but rather a computer screen is what keeps us all connected. There is an aspect to communicating online that can be very restricting. Whether by character limits on twitter, templates on blogger or photo filters on instagram, how we create interpersonal relationships has completely changed. 

By taking on this role of the "blogger", you are contributing to a new era of communication. When you become the blogger, you get to choose what information you want to share with your readers. You are able to discover similar experiences and interests throughout this type of forum. In the fashion industry, when you become the blogger for a company, you are digitally connecting a brand to an audience. 

In the fashion world as a buyer, you want to be able to interact with a company or brand that goes beyond shopping for their newest collection. The links on social media accounts for these fashion companies is the thing that binds the fashion industry together. 

Permalinks, for example, create conversations on these blogs by connecting similar topics together that audiences can engage in. In addition to this, regular upkeep of social media accounts is very important. The time stamps located on blogs is what keeps your audience coming back. 

Think of your audience, literally, as a "shopper", he/she is going to expect consistency. They will continue to check up on your company's blog every day just as they might do with the actual store. As a social media manager in the fashion industry, it is your job to make sure your customers remain loyal to the brand inside and outside of the store. 

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