March 25, 2014

Cloak of Invisibility

For some, a benefit of online communication is the lack of face-to-face communication. Why would someone see interacting with a computer as opposed to another person as more equal, as silly as that sounds. The computer is able to mask the identity of a person and put everyone on an equal playing field. When it comes to first impressions or judgements, the computer makes it hard to discriminate against someone based on elements such as gender, age or physicality. 

The lack of face-to-face communication online does act as an equalizer and benefits individual bloggers tremendously, but how would this help a company who benefits (in some aspects) specifically from someones gender, age or even physicality that a computer has the ability to hide? If a large fashion corporation decided to expand their company online, it is only natural that they will be judged based on some of these elements. 

When reading a fashion blog, especially if this blog is an extension of a company, readers want to hear from the experts on a topic. There are a set of standards the blog must withhold just as the actual corporation does. Going beyond just the knowledge one must have to gain credibility, sometimes being a certain age is just what you need in order to represent a certain trend or designer. I can also see gender as an element to fashion blogging that is taken under consideration by readers. Looking at the men and women who represent a company's menswear or womenswear lines on a blog, their thoughts will resonate well with a gender specified audience. 


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