March 25, 2014

Political Power

The reasons behind a personal blog is easy for me to understand. Looking at the progression of this online forum, it is essentially an online diary or journal. Most known diaries/journals probably intended to have no public audience, and yet most wind up being read and possibly even published for the world to read. I think of a personal blog in the same way, we similarly write down our thought to express what we're feeling. Although the blog might be for you, your private life eventually becomes public in some way. If this is essentially the evolution of a personal blog, then where and how did the idea of blogging for a company come into play?

Although its roots might be a combination of many things, early political journalism seems to best describe what the purpose of blogging for a company is. Different genres such as a pamphlet, editorial or the opinion column have been around since the 17th century, all used to express political opinion. These independent publications were overthrown by the birth of newspapers and all the restrictions that come with them. However, this particular genre of work craves a large public audience and aims to implement social opinion and action. There needs to be less restrictions and more independence in order to carry these things out (hello blogging). 

Fashion blogging requires the same independence that a blogger gains in the political community. Although blogging for a fashion company does not aim to engage in political propaganda, there are some similarities in their purpose. Each blogger takes on the role of separating from the “corporate” media aspect to gain direct and personal access to their intended audience. 


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