March 25, 2014

YouWatch I'll Tube

With the help of the internet, in our society not only are you able to read up on any possible topic but you can also watch a video on anything imaginable. Since the creation of YouTube, there is a mainstream and simple way to watch and upload videos that requires no technological background. There are little to no limits set on what you can and cannot upload which makes it universally popular. YouTube is used by many people for a wide variety of things and because of this, it could be seen as an extension of social media for a company. 

Leading fashion brands are making use of this video hosting site as a media distribution platform to further advertise their brand inexpensively. They are able to post ad campaigns, behind-the-scenes shoots or even clips they created for their website and in-store collections. Fashion companies are also using this type of media as a way to showcase celebrity endorsement and implement campaigns that will help promote their product. 

In our culture YouTube can be seen as a "core business" strategy. Video is an interactive way to get in touch with a large scale audience without the restrictions and limitations of television. A company has the ability to post as many videos as they want without having to stay inside the lines of a "commercial" like format. 

Celebrity and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham uses YouTube as an extension to her brand. She uploads behind the scenes clips, runway shows and interviews to her YouTube account. This creates a relationship between the producer (Beckham) and consumer (us) that may have not been present before without the use of video. 

Looking at the fashion industry as a whole, YouTube has created personal connections within this large community. People from all over the world now have the ability to enjoy runway shows, fashion week(s), etc. that they otherwise would not be able to view. Although blog and social media accounts create conversations in fashion, the visual experience that YouTube offers is unlike anything else. 



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