March 20, 2014

Blogging like it's 1980

It appears, blogging has become insanely popular for so many different people, places and things. The truth is, this whole "blogging" concept has actually been around before I was even born.....maybe our parents aren't so old after all. The idea of online communities have been around since the 80's but just recently have the coined terms, "blogging", "blogger" and "blog" really come into play. So what makes it so different now than from what it was over twenty years ago? Looking at the industry on a large scale, people writing about fashion isn't anything new. Now suddenly holding the title of "fashion blogger" is practically considered a godsent from this new(?) phenomena. 

One of the biggest elements to the concept of blogging that has changed over time is how much more seriously it is being taken, so serious that you can actually get paid for it...good luck trying to explain that one to mom and dad. Since blogging has become so universal, every aspect of the fashion industry can be found online in some shape or form making it even more appealing. Fashion blogs offer total access into the brand, including the people that create it- now you too can become a part of the process. 

In fashion, there are always going to be so many different opinions circling the product(s). Fashion blogs have given a voice to consumers that has never been present. No longer do you have to be considered a "professional" in the field to voice an opinion, as an online reader your opinions are heard. You have the ability to openly say what you think about a particular article of clothing, designer or seasonal collection. Fashion companies strive to get positive feedback published on their sites and use this consumer feedback as a living, breathing advertisement to help promote the brand. 


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