March 4, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lululemon

We are a part of a generation that is divided between seeing technology as something you can live or can't live without. Through competition and creative processes we begin to move through technology too fast because there is always something new, something better and something faster out there. Although sometimes our obsession with technology can be seen as ridiculous, it is inevitable that technology will only continue to play a big role in our lives as time goes on. Unfortunately, resisting this change will only leave you trying to catch up in the end. 

As social media continues to grow, we are beginning to realize the huge influence it has on communication in the digital world. Especially looking at our generation, we are fueled by the creative processes happening online and we desire these new forms of interactions. 

Steven Johnson in "Bitmapping: An Introduction" compares interface as the translator between user and computer [machine], this “language” being interpreted is what we use every day on social media. Meaning, there is essentially a technology driven "language" that we have learned to understand. The computer works to connect people to these (but not limited to) social media outlets. Being able to apply this language to the online world and relate it back to a company is what ignites this expertise into a career path.

Let's take a look at lululemon athletica. With 498k followers on instagram, 582.7k followers on twitter, an inspirational pinterest AND a yoga, running and goal setting blog located on their website, this company knows how to implement social media. Throughout each social media outlet, there is a language that is understood by their customers that has created an online "lululemon" community. 

This retail company uses a language comprised of hashtags and uplifting, goal orientated "challenges" to keep followers engaged. Their most recent challenge #ifnothing, gives people the opportunity to share what they would do if nothing was stopping them. Followers are encouraged to upload photos and comment on blog posts, all of which include the "#ifnothing" saying. With an online language that is universally known, even with something as simple as a two worded hashtag, their social media platforms continuously promotes lululemon and everything they stand for. #thesweatlife


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