March 23, 2014

Digital Slave Labor

At some point in every one's life, I believe there to be time when their number one priority is work. From what I have come to find, exactly when or for how long this "stage" lasts is unique to each individual. However, when it comes to blogging, it sounds like nothing ever seems to slow down. Is it possible that by becoming a blogger, you are essentially a slave to this medium for as long as you both shall live? It's no secret that blogging is demanding, there is a huge commitment of time and effort if you want to make it big in this online realm. Constantly checking and updating its content is what keeps a blog alive. 

This fast paced trend we see with blogging parallels with the ins and outs of the fashion world. In this world, trends and fashion movements are constantly fed and nurtured with attention. Essentially, this is how we create blog posts, with tons of love and affection. A place where these two combine into one is when someone holds the title as a "fashion blogger", or as I’d like to call it, a modernized “victim” of slave labor. 

Leandra Medine, creator of Man Repeller, is a fashion blogger whose life is now synonymous with slaving to a digital medium. During her college years, what began as a place to fire out her thoughts on all things fashion, dating and quirky daily struggles is now a full time job. There is no other medium involving writing that is more fast paced and creatively informal than a blog. Medine has created a brand that does not involve a line of clothing or handbag collection but rather a brand that is comprised with her "stream of consciousness thoughts". 

Online communities have existed for many years, so what makes blogging so different. From the fast paced environment and freedom of speech, a blog has the ability to transform your thoughts into conversations that matter. 


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